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How to Sell a Home During the Slow Season!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

1. Make sure you’re ready to “let go.” Selling a home can be an emotional experience. The best way to sell is to be ready to sell. Offers might come in fast or they might take time, but the key is being ready to say “yes” when you get that offer you need.

2. Crush those listing photos! Great photos go a long way! We’ve seen plenty of homes sell without a client visit simply because of competitor-beating photos. Contact Trestle for a list of excellent real estate photographers!

3. Consider a prelist inspection. Consider “beating your customers to it” by doing your own inspection. This will give you a head start in getting those essentials fixed and ready.

4. Focus on curb appeal. As the season slows, curb appeal becomes everything. You can’t assume a sale just because you are ready to list. Make your home looks beautiful. Consider careful staging so your customers can “imagine your home theirs.”

5. Take your time and get your house ready. 30% of sellers wish they had taken more time to get their house ready. This is a crucial step and makes a world of difference! Take whatever time is needed to make your home ready.

6. Hire an agent worthy of your business. There are thousands of agents in the DFW area. Not all of them work FOR you. Choosing the right professional that will go the extra mile will help your home sell during the slow season.

Contact Trestle Real Estate to let our excellent team work FOR YOU. (940) 243-1065

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